Linktive is a fast, simple way to grow your business by creating a neighborhood of sites around your site, that you control.


Linktive is feature-packed with everything you need to grow a successful community of links around your site:


Keeping it simple is our aim; Linktive's one and only task is to get your site connected to other sites.


Using Linktive to build a neighborhood of like-sites will increase the popularity of your site.


You will be able to choose from a free plan or one of a selection of premium plans.

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NOTE: Linktive beta
Linktive it not perfect yet so please bear
with us while we finish fixing the little bugs.

It does what?

Linktive allows you to build a neighborhood of sites around your site. How does this work? Linktive takes the legwork out of searching for sites to build your neighborhood. We'll send you recommendations for businesses that compliment yours, and at the same time, recommend your site to others. You may preview and submit requests for link exchanges at any time, keeping total control over your link neighborhood. You could say Linktive is your site's online relationship manager.

On your site

In the Linktive control panel you are able to build a fully customized widget that will blend into the look of your site.

Others will be able to click on the links and visit the websites you have recommended, in return those websites recommend you to their customers by providing a link back to you. This will create a neighborhood of sites recommended websites around your website. Increasing the find-a-bility of your website.

All widgets can be customized by editing

  • • Dimensions
  • • Amount of links on display
  • • Horizontal or vertical display
  • • Colours
  • • Border or no border
  • • Description character limit
Platforms the widget builder exports to
Expanded view of a widget
Expanded view of a widget

The process

To start using linktive is easy 3 step process

1.First register your website
process-1 Register your website and the
pages you would like to display the widget
on in the Linktive system
process-2 Choose websites you would like to
include in your neighborhood, you can browse
and search or have Linktive make suggestions

process-3 Create a stylised widget in the widget
creator and insert the code into your website

You can use the Linktive system to track your neighborhood and work out which sites are working out best for you.


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The scenario

Let's say you own a bridal-wear website. With Linktive, you'll create a neighborhood of complimentary sites your customers might be interested in visiting, for example: a bakery, a shoe store, a caterer, or stationers. Your bridal wear site links to each of these sites, and in return, they link back to you. You now have four new points of entry for your website, four new avenues of potential traffic, and a neighborhood of complimentary sites that create a virtual shopping mall around your website.

What is link building

Link building is the process of building up a number of good quality and relevant links back to your website. One of the most popular types of linking is reciprocal links. Reciprocal links or link exchange is the process where two website owners agree to show the other's link on their website. By getting carefully targeted traffic from related sites can lead to a natural, long-term increase in page impressions, with this comes increased conversions - where users either make a purchase or making contact with the company through the web site.